Nuggets from Occult Invasion—We Are the Earth and Cosmos |

Dave Hunt

Deepak Chopra exemplifies naturalism’s failure to distinguish matter from mind and spirit, mass from morals. He goes so far as to suggest that human relationships are affected by the relationships between atoms and particles “at the quantum level.” Such mystical foolishness flies in the face of common sense and experience. It is the natural outcome of the belief that “all is one,” that the earth is a living creature called “Gaia,” that the entire universe is one living being with a universal consciousness of which we are each integral parts. Says Chopra:

“Everything in the universe influences everything else in the universe…. When you remember that every electron that vibrates causes the universe to shake, you become struck by the realization of the power inherent in your choices. And when we apply these insights to our personal and professional lives, we are making positive evolutionary change…that extends through the world.”

There is no evidence that the vibration of a single electron shakes the universe or that each choice of every individual has universal repercussions. Yet Chopra declares that we are each “holograms of the universe…all of the qualities in any relationship are also part of our own psyche.” Though this delusion contradicts common sense, it has gripped the imagination of those in the ecological movement.

This mystical belief of the connection between all things furthers the shamanic fantasy that human consciousness can change the environment. Based upon that belief, there have been a number of attempts to heal our planet through enlisting millions of persons around the world to visualize peace and meditate upon ecological wholeness. We mentioned a current attempt above, but these attempts go back more than a decade. Science of Mind magazine for November 1986 carried the following announcement:

“On December 31, 1986, from 12 noon to one p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, millions of people around the world will gather in spirit and simultaneously send out their love and light in meditation, prayer, song or whatever form of worship is most meaningful for them. They will visualize the world as peaceful, harmonious, and balanced, with everyone having all they need to live a productive and fulfilling life…. It is our opportunity as individuals, and as a world body, to begin to heal and bring our planet back into harmony and balance—a worldwide nondenominational, nonpolitical, cooperative effort that will unite people in a common bond with a common goal: PEACE ON EARTH…. Turn within and seek and find and know the only Presence, the only Power, the only Cause, the only Activity of your eternal life. Be a totally open channel for the glorious expression of this infinite YOU. We at Science of Mind magazine hope that you—our readers—will join this Healing Meditation. We remind you that it deals with real energy, real power, and real possibilities for contributing to a more peaceful world.”

In spite of the allegedly “real energy, real power” generated by this and many similar events, conditions on earth have not gotten better but have steadily worsened. Nevertheless, these absurd efforts continue up to the present. Worse than abused, the God who created us is denied and “this infinite you” is deified in His place.