Nuggets from Occult Invasion—What Is the Source of Power? |

Dave Hunt

Lawrence LeShan worked “with the psychic Eileen Garrett and repeatedly observed her producing paranormal phenomena under the most careful scientific conditions….” He was convinced that she was genuine, but he didn’t know what that meant—nor did she.

Garrett submitted to tests by scientists in Paris and Rome, at Cambridge and Oxford, at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins Medical School, and by J. B. Rhine at Duke, desperately hoping for proof that the spirit entities which controlled her in trance were simply splits of her own psyche. All the evidence indicated, instead, that they were independent personalities, separate from her. Said LeShan:

“Here was one of the greatest psychics ever known to science, a deeply serious woman who spent the last thirty years of her life trying to understand what her mediumship was all about, a woman who, during those thirty years, worked almost entirely under experimental conditions with any scientist who would work with her, saying that she did not know whether her paranormal information was derived from spirits of the dead or telepathy.”

Ira Progoff, the celebrated psychotherapist (and great champion of the kind of “journaling” that produced God Calling), submitted Garrett to numerous tests. He psychoanalyzed both “Uvani” and “Abdul Latif,” her two principal “controls” (who had taken possession of Garrett under hypnosis and continued to speak through her against her will), and carried on lengthy dialogue with two “god figures,” Tahoteh and Ramah, who also possessed Garrett. Progoff concluded that he had reached “the God principle which is within us all.”

Eileen Garrett was possessed by a number of spirit entities who even used her vocal cords to speak forth in ancient languages of which she had no knowledge. We believe, on the basis of the lies they promoted, that they, like all of the other entities channeling satanic delusion, were demons. The classic horror film The Exorcist was based on a true story involving a demonic possession which came about through a Ouija board, which J. B. Rhine investigated and declared to be “the most impressive” poltergeist phenomenon he had seen. That possibility, however, is one which the parapsychologists don’t want to face.

The demonic entities who seek to gain control of mankind through the offer of “psychic” power will pose as anything from spirits of the dead to Ascended Masters to the Universal Mind to one’s own Higher Self. In the end, however, they want everyone to believe that these are powers of the human mind. Earlier we mentioned the torment that plagued Jimi Hendrix and his concern that he was possessed by a demon. Nevertheless, he couldn’t escape the lie that it was really his own mind. He said:

“Things like witchcraft, which is a form of exploration, and imagination, have been banned by the establishment and called evil. It’s because people are frightened to find out the full power of the mind.”

Of course, no parapsychologist imagines that the human mind acting on its own has infinite power. There must be a partnership. Even LeShan or Progoff would admit that Garrett had to draw from some universal Mind or Consciousness such as Jung proposed, or some universal Force. What is it? Why not a demon?

The manifestation of psychic powers has led even atheists to believe in some “higher power” or “universal consciousness” of which the human mind is a part or can tap into and use as it pleases. Psychiatrist and psychic researcher W. E. R. Mons called it “the Psychic Power.” It existed, he believed, beyond the human mind but was responsive to the mind. Mons was convinced that this Power was “not the heavenly monarch of the Church or the Creator-God of the Old Testament…God did not create man, but mankind [created] God.”

The psychics and researchers have some amazing successes mixed with failures; they cannot get a handle on the power they seek. Obviously psychic power will never be under the psychic’s control but is controlled by someone else. We believe that entity (on the basis of conclusive evidence) to be Satan and that he dispenses paranormal power only to advance his agenda.

Satan does not care whether man believes he has this power in partnership with some universal Mind—or with spirit entities. Any theory that denies the true God of the Bible is acceptable. Nor does man, in his lust for power, care what the explanation is, so long as he can play at being God.