Nuggets from Occult Invasion—When “Values” Replace Biblical “Virtue” |

Dave Hunt

The denial of the God who created us for a purpose and set moral standards for our conduct has left man adrift in the universe with only his imagination as a guide. Years ago “Values Clarification” destroyed morals by teaching grammar-school children to establish their own “values” from within themselves. Today it is “Consensus Building,” in which individual values, however learned or established, are torn down through “group thinking” and the new global standard becomes what everyone agrees upon “for the good of the whole world.”

Society now recognizes “homosexual values” as well as “family values.” Homosexual values are deemed to be broad-minded and thus acceptable; family values are deemed to be narrow-minded and “negative” toward homosexuality and other immorality, and are thus unacceptable. Such is the amoral atmosphere of the classrooms in which our youth are being “educated” globally. Malachi Martin put it succinctly:

“’Good’ will no longer be burdened with a moral or religious coloring…[but] will simply be synonymous with ‘global….’ The emphasis is upon homogeneity of minds, on the creation and nourishing of a truly global mentality.”

Bruce Logan, director of the New Zealand Education Development Foundation, has decried the departure from the certainty of “values.” The latter, says Logan, “can be beliefs…feelings…preferences…whatever any person, group or society happens to value, at any time, for any reason…thus Michael Jackson and [the late] Mother Teresa both have ‘values’ to which each is faithful…[with] some sort of moral equivalence thereby suggested….”

Anglican priest David Guthrie, administrator of Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral, rebutted Logan. He praised the new liberty from biblical injunctions and even claimed this immorality was Christian. Wrote Guthrie:

“Whatever it means to be a Christian in today’s world, it does not entail the acceptance of a legislating God…. As the world of global culture settles on its new tack, there will be a new set of ‘virtues’…virtues that the human community chooses in that moment of time to espouse and adopt, not because they are legislated by divine authority…but because the community chooses them to be so.”

In fact, it is not “the community” that decides, but part of the community over the objections of the rest. Is a 51-percent-to-49-percent vote sufficient for determining right and wrong? Opinions also change, so that today’s virtue could become tomorrow’s vice. “Good” and “evil” would have no meaning. With regard to homosexuality, a tiny minority through intimidation has imposed its will on society as a whole.