Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Where Is God? |

Dave Hunt

Such contradictions demonstrate that remote viewing cannot be of God. The biblical prophets, though living in different cultures and over a span of 1500 years, nevertheless were in perfect agreement in all they said. Two opposing views cannot both be right. Therefore, at least one of these two, Brown or Dames, though claiming impressive results, is dead wrong on important issues. In fact, they could both be wrong.

Most remote viewers make no pretense of relying upon God. Why should they, if there is a natural talent of which anyone is capable? Supposedly the very nature of the universe makes remote viewing possible for anyone. If that is so, then once again the Bible has led mankind astray for more than 3000 years. That is a serious charge. If the Bible has deceived us with regard to the nature of prophets and prophecy, then how can we rely upon anything else it tells us?

Logically, if remote viewing is not from God, and is not a normal human power available to all mankind (a fact which we will demonstrate in the next two chapters), then it can only be from Satan, the enemy of God and man.