Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Wonderful Truth or Cruel Hoax? |

Dave Hunt

The goal of parapsychology is to prove that people do indeed have such powers—that they are gods who create their own universe with their minds. Any child knows that is not true. Who walks in sunshine while the “negative thinkers” about him are in the rain? Who continues to fly safely through the air on a plane that the other passengers and crew, because of their negative thinking, have conspired to “imagine” is falling from the sky? And if faith is a belief which creates by its own power, then the patients in mental hospitals ought to be giants of faith. They surely believe their delusions as strongly as the human mind can believe, yet their belief fails to produce the “alternate reality” of their madness.

Far from mentally creating reality, mankind has been struggling to discover the incredible secrets of a universe which is at once so awesome in size and yet so intricate in minutest detail that it reflects the genius of a Designer whose mind and creative power is infinitely beyond human capabilities. How could we possibly have created galaxies we don’t even know exist and black holes and an internal depth of unnumbered atoms about which we are equally ignorant? The simple truth is that natural events proceed on their course quite independently of the thoughts of puny man. To think otherwise is such folly that its persistence can only be the product of a delusion driven by the same blind pride that fueled Lucifer’s mad ambition to be “like the Most High.”

How cruel to tell Calcutta’s million beggars who are born and live out their miserable lives and die in its streets that their running sores, gnawing hunger, and poverty do not really exist, but have been created by their own “negative” thinking! There is no suffering, disease, or death; one merely imagines it is there. All one needs to do to change one’s experience of life is to change the way one perceives it. This is surely the cruelest hoax of all time.