Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Worldwide Deceit |

Dave Hunt

As part of the most massive missionary effort in history—aimed directly against Christianity—every guru who has come to the West (from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh to Baba Muktanda) was sent here by his guru specifically to win converts to the Hindu/Buddhist pantheistic faith. Yogananda, for example, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and one of the forerunners of this massive evangelism campaign, personally initiated more than 100,00 disciples into kriya yoga. Maharishi has initiated millions into his TM brand of yoga. Yet the missionaries from the East all protest that they are teaching the science of yoga, health, and higher states of consciousness, not religion.

We can register no legitimate complaint against those who seek to persuade others of what they sincerely believe to be important truth. However, they should not lie about their product or their purpose. And that is exactly what the gurus from the East have done. “Yoga” is a Sanskrit world meaning to “yoke,” and its aim is to yoke with the Hindu concept of God through self-realization: to achieve the enlightenment of realizing that atman, the individual soul, is identical with Brahman, the universal soul—i.e., that one’s true self is God. Yet yoga instructors solemnly swear that yoga has nothing to do with religion, when in fact it is the very heart of Hinduism.

The magnitude of the deceit is comparable to the Pope claiming that, instead of heading a church, he represents a group of nonreligious scientists. India has banned foreign missionaries since shortly after it gained independence. All the while, India’s missionaries travel the world converting millions to Hinduism and Buddhism while protesting their tolerance for all religions and denying the religious nature of their mission.

There has been much criticism, some of it no doubt justified, of Western missionaries who have gone to Africa, China, and India with the gospel of Jesus Christ and attempted to westernize other cultures. That goal cannot be justified. Western culture is not Christianity. In fairness, however, we must ask why there has been little or no criticism of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim missionaries who have aggressively pushed their religion and way of life upon an unsuspecting Western world.