Nuggets from Occult Invasion—For Your Children’s Sake |

Dave Hunt

Not long after Bush and Quayle lost the election to Clinton and Gore, the Atlantic Monthly’s cover story was titled “Dan Quayle Was Right.” It pointed out what even the sociologists are now admitting, after a two-decade study: that the effects of family disruption are devastating and pervasive. Havoc has been wreaked in millions of lives by the growing ridicule aimed at stable families headed by a mother and father committed to a loving and faithful union at any cost. Flouting biblical sexual morals not only causes divorce, single parenthood, and births out of wedlock, but it is at the root of most of today’s most vexing social problems. No amount of money can heal America’s crime-ridden cities and broken families, and the “new morality” and “alternative lifestyles” championed by liberal government only make matters worse.

Many Christian parents have believed the lies of psychology and have failed to discipline their children lovingly and biblically. Without that protection, the world more easily makes its inroads. The faith of the parents is not being passed on to the children in many cases.

One of those who was caught up in drugs and rebellion but saw the evil and fled, writes:

“I was a child of the 60s, part of the flower-child movement. I recall how exciting it seemed to be…part of a global confederation of youth, given a new vision of peace, love and brotherhood, bonded by drugs and music. It all seemed so new and wonderful going in. Coming out was another story. I was fortunate to get out with my mind intact, though it took me years to recognize and to be freed of the spiritual bondage I’d entered. Other friends were not so lucky. Deaths, broken minds and spirits were the order of the day. I wasn’t even a full-fledged hippie—just a straight Baptist kid dabbling in fun like drugs and forms of Satanism I didn’t recognize then…. I…am amazed at how I was deceived…. I’ve talked with…friends and we have mused about that era…looked back on it in disbelief, as though we’d been hypnotized for a time…. [Beside the] drugs…there was another potent force…the rock groups were our heroes, our gurus…. Music certainly helped turn the tides of America toward mysticism, drugs, and the spirit of Antichrist. Our beloved Beatles turned on to Eastern religions and drugs—and so did we.”

In spite of all the protests that parents may voice, the change agents are determined to prevail and will continue to press their spiritual agenda. Parents need to 1) have family devotions daily and make certain that their children know Christ personally and are fully committed to Him; 2) see that their children are believers in and followers of the Lord out of genuine choice and not due to parental or church pressure to conform; 3) see that their children’s honest questions are answered and that they know what they believe and why, on the basis of God’s Word; 4) know fully what they are being taught at school (public or Christian), arm them to stand against what is wrong, and, if necessary remove them from classes or programs calculated to undermine their faith and morals; 5) carefully supervise friendships, activities, and other influences upon their lives, which can be as deadly as public school influences; and 6) pray earnestly to God for wisdom, love their children fervently, and be ready at all times with godly counsel, patiently and lovingly given.

Youth should be fully persuaded that what God thinks of them and what He will say to them when they appear before Him one day is all that matters. As Jim Elliot, one of the martyrs of Ecuador, said when, as a young man, he chose the mission field over more lucrative careers: “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”