Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Concerning Prayer |

Dave Hunt

The major partner to faith is prayer. Most people (religious or not, and even professing atheists), when desperate enough, have devoted at least some time and effort to prayer. Generally, prayer is thought to be a religious technique for talking some “god” or “higher power” into giving the petitioner what he or she wants. Few indeed are those who truly know God and sincerely pray, “Not my will but Thine be done.” That attitude, however, necessarily belongs to those who by faith are confident that God truly loves them, is wiser than they are, and therefore desire His will, confident that it would be infinitely better than their own.

In attempting to use prayer to get their own way, those who pray (including many who call themselves Christians) try very hard to drum up “faith,” imagining that the key to answered prayer is to somehow believe the answer will come. If, however, believing strongly enough that something will occur causes it to happen, then one doesn’t need God. One could, by simply believing, bring into existence whatever one wanted without regard to any god.