Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Facing the Facts |

Dave Hunt

Without taking time to explain the many disagreements, it is undeniable that there are such great basic differences between the world’s religions that it seems irrational to suggest that they are essentially in agreement and all lead to the same place. Nevertheless, in spite of these differences, there is evidence that those who follow world religions will indeed all end up in the same place—but not where they promise to take their followers. Interestingly, we find in the world’s various religious systems the same teachings that are woven throughout the communications (doctrines of devils) to which we have earlier referred as coming from the spirit world.

All religions have in common a universal opposition to the God of the Bible and His gospel concerning salvation by grace and faith alone through Christ Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross. This commonality places them all on one side—and Christianity on the other.