Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Further Proof Supporting Israel’s Legitimacy |

Dave Hunt

Furthermore, God told Abraham that the heirs to the Promised Land would be slaves in a foreign land for 400 years before they took possession of the land He had given to them (Genesis:15:13-16). This happened to the Jews exactly as foretold—not to the Arabs. The Jews became an identifiable ethnic group from isolation as slaves in Egypt for four centuries and were then brought into Canaan. In contrast, the Arabs are not of pure descent from Ishmael but are a mixed race. They settled not in the Promised Land but in the Arabian Peninsula, where they became an identifiable people group. Arabs never came to “Palestine” in any numbers until they invaded it in the seventh century A.D.

Today, only the Jews, and no other people on earth, can legitimately trace their ancestry back to slavery in Egypt, their miraculous deliverance therefrom, their entrance as a unique people group into the Promised Land, and their existence there for centuries as a nation. As proof that they are the ex-slaves and chosen people, they alone keep the feast of the Passover as a memorial of this event, as God commanded (Exodus:12:14-28)—and have done so each year ever since.

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, known as “the children of Israel,” were led to the Promised Land by Moses nearly 3,500 years ago. At that time, God warned His people through Moses that they would rebel against Him, and because of that, He would scatter them to every part of this world, where they would be hated, persecuted, and slaughtered like no other people (Deuteronomy:4:27; 28:37, 63-64; 2 Chronicles:7:20; Nehemiah:1:8; Jeremia 15:4; 29:18; 44:8; Amos:9:9; Zechariah:7:14, etc.). And so it happened. Numerous prophets foretold in detail what we now identify as anti-Semitism—that the Jews would be maligned, mistreated, killed, and discriminated against by all other nationalities. At the same time, God promised to preserve the Jews as an identifiable ethnic people and to bring them, in the last days, back into their own land of Israel (Jeremiah:30:7-11; 31:8-12, 27-40; 36, etc.). No non-Jews, whether Arabs or any other nationality, have any claim upon that land, which God has promised to defend.

Through the prophet Zechariah (12:1-3), God declared that in the last days preceding Christ’s Second Coming, when the Jews had been restored to the Promised Land, Jerusalem would be like a millstone around the necks of the nations. Today, it is the world’s major problem; a nuclear war could break out at any time over that Holy City. In remarkable fulfillment of prophecy, the United Nations Security Council has devoted nearly one-third of its deliberations and resolutions to Israel, a country with less than one-thousandth of the earth’s population. That would not be the case were it not for the fulfillment of another amazing prophecy: that tiny Israel would be so powerful militarily that she would defeat the surrounding nations that would attack her (Zechariah:12:6-9).

Israel’s history is the undeniable unfolding of prophecy fulfilled, exactly as foretold in the Bible—and more is to come. Yet to be fulfilled in the near future are prophecies declaring that Israel will be deceived into making a false peace that will set her up for an attack by all the nations of the world under the leadership of Antichrist. Current events seem to be heading in that direction. That horrible war, which will take the lives of two-thirds of all Jews on earth (Zechariah:13:8-9), will bring the intervention of Jesus Christ from heaven to rescue Israel and to destroy Antichrist and his world government. All indications today are that we are indeed heading toward a world government and Armageddon.

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