Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—New Thought, New Age |

Dave Hunt

Very similar to the faith movement within charismatic and Pentecostal circles is the New Thought Alliance of churches. Although they are far outside biblical Christianity, most claim to be Christian, and many of their teachings are similar to those of the faith movement. Popular groups involved include Christian Science, Religious Science, Science of Mind, and Unity, as well as many independent churches not directly affiliated with any of these. And how do they think their affirmations turn into reality? They propose an all-powerful universal Mind that exists to serve mankind. Oddly, this great Mind apparently has no mind of its own but is ever ready to turn wishes into horses so everyone can ride who knows how to tap into this ever-available power. Only the human ego, deluded by Satan’s “I will be like the most High” (Isaiah:14:14), could persist in such an egotistic concept.

Hinduism holds to a similar belief. It denies objective reality and claims that we have created with our minds an imaginary universe called maya. By changing our thinking, we can change our universe. One sees bumper stickers that apparently reflect the same superstition: “Think Snow,” or “Visualize Peace.” And at least some of those who display these slogans actually believe that the united thinking of enough people can literally create snow or peace or anything else that is desired.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) seminars and much success training in the business world involve a similar fantasy—the idea that we can create success by holding positive thoughts of success in our minds. The same is true of the teaching of Positive Thinking and Possibility Thinking, which have gained a wide following among professing Christians and even among evangelicals. According to their chief proponents, Positive Thinking and Possibility Thinking are actually synonymous with faith. On the contrary, atheists can and do teach Positive/Possibility Thinking seminars. No atheist, however, can have biblical faith, which is in God. Nor has the Creator, thankfully, put His universe and our lives at the mercy of our badly flawed “positive” thinking.