Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—The Perfect Setup for Demons |

Dave Hunt

Materialists such as Lenin and Freud and their modern followers attempt to deny all of this. Hardcore materialists, however, are a vanishing breed in the face of mounting evidence uncovered in scientific laboratories around the world for the existence of intelligent beings who have no bodies and yet are interacting with the human race. We document that evidence in detail in two books, The New Spirituality and Occult Invasion, so we will not duplicate it here.

Indeed, so strong is the evidence for the existence of such entities that many scientists who believe in the false and mathematically impossible theory of evolution (many top scientists recognize it as a fraud) are even suggesting that spirit beings could be the highest form of evolution. This was, for example, the opinion of Robert Jastrow, one of the world’s leading astronomers, who identified himself as an agnostic. The founder and for many years director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (which played a key role in the Pioneer, Voyager, and Galileo space probes), Jastrow has suggested:

Life that is a billion years beyond us may be far beyond the flesh-and-blood form that we would recognize. It may be…disembodied and has escaped its mortal flesh to become something that old-fashioned people would call spirits…. Maybe it can materialize and then dematerialize. I’m sure it has magical powers by our standards.

With all due respect to Jastrow, intelligence is not a quality of matter and therefore could not evolve even if evolution were a scientific fact. Bodies of intelligent beings do not evolve into spirits but are each already the home of the soul and spirit. Yet what a perfect setup this theory provides for demons. What more could they ask than to have materialistic scientists attempting to contact extraterrestrial life out in space, which scientists are willing to accept as nonphysical beings that “old-fashioned people would call spirits…”! What would today’s scientists call these entities, and how could they be certain of either their identity or of their intentions toward mankind? The methods, machines, and theories of materialistic science cannot evaluate nonphysical entities, no matter what one wants to call them.