Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Prophetic Proof |

Dave Hunt

Only the Bible has written the details of history centuries and even thousands of years before they happened. It is this fact, above all, that puts the Bible in a class of its own. Its many plainly stated prophecies (not in guarded, ambiguous language like the French quatrains of Nostradamus) were recorded centuries and even thousands of years before their accurate fulfillment. These prophecies are so numerous, stated in perfect agreement by so many different biblical prophets who had no contact with one another, and many of the prophecies so unlikely ever to happen given the normal course of events, that the probability of fulfillment by chance is infinitely remote. Yet they have all been fulfilled with 100 percent accuracy—a fact that cannot be explained away by the skeptics on any rational basis. One is forced from this evidence alone to admit the supernatural origin of the Bible.

There are no prophecies of verifiable date of origin and documented fulfillment centuries later—not one—in the Qur’an, in the Hindu Vedas, in the sayings of Buddha, in the sayings of Confucius, or in any other scriptures of the world’s religions. The Bible, however, is about 28 percent prophecy, and its thousands of prophecies cover a wide range of subjects and events.