Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Senseless and Hopeless |

Dave Hunt

Reincarnation is also senseless. Who remembers the details of mistakes made and costly lessons presumably learned in prior lives? No one. Then what is the point of coming back to live on earth again and again if one has no way of knowing whether lessons have been learned and progress is being made? Moreover, the increasing evil on earth proves that progress is not being made. The very concept of reincarnation is therefore senseless.

It is also hopeless. Supposedly the “bad karma” (whatever that means) that we build up in this life requires another life to “work it off.” But in that very process we build up more bad karma, which requires yet another life, then another life, and so on endlessly. This is why the Hindu refers to “the wheel of reincarnation” (it just keeps rolling on endlessly), and Gandhi called it “a burden too great to bear.”

What is happening to us in this life is presumably due to the karma of prior life; but that was due to the karma of yet a prior life and so forth forever into the past. Going back through endless numbers of prior lives, one finally reaches the point when the three gunas of “God” were in perfect balance in the void. Inexplicably, something unknown caused an imbalance. As a result, the prakriti (manifestation) began, and here we are, reaping the results of bad karma that began in “God,” is locked into the very fabric of the universe, and can never be escaped! Reincarnation, therefore, is hopeless.

There is not a shred of evidence to support reincarnation. It is rather a lie of the Serpent to prevent mankind from facing the reality of god’s righteous judgment and accepting the forgiveness He offers. The few examples of people her and there who seem to have a fragmentary memory from a prior existence break down upon closer examination. Even those alleged memories are insufficient to form the basis for progress in their own lives, let alone for the entire human race. Being amoral, senseless, and hopeless, and lacking any substantive evidence to support it, reincarnation must be rejected.

We are eternal beings who will spend eternity somewhere. Where will it be? And how can we know? There is no more important question to be faced and answered.