Nuggets from Seeking and Finding God—Shortcut to Truth |

Dave Hunt

In spite of the great appeal to many that what one believes can create reality, this is clearly a delusion. In fact, belief must be based upon reality. Yet the belief of so many, particularly in the area of religion, has no factual foundation. The beliefs of many religious people are little more than sanctified superstitions. Many either do not want to face any evidence to the contrary (“I never discuss religion!”) or imagine that faith is proved to be all the stronger if it stands firm in the face of evidence that contradicts it. Obviously, however, a “faith” that is not based upon truth cannot be defended and should not be relied upon. It can only lead one day to taking a final—and eternally fatal—leap into the dark.

Where are truth and certainty to be found? Shall we devote our lives to studying all of the world’s religions in an attempt to find the right one? No one could live long enough to complete that task. Then how can one make a valid decision without knowing all of the choices available?

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