Nuggets from "An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith" by Dave Hunt |

Nuggets from “An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith” by Dave Hunt

Unquestionably, there is nothing more important than having impeccably factual and rational basis for one’s faith. To the many who think of faith as a belief strongly held and without evidence to support it (and often even in spite of much evidence to the contrary), that may seem an outrageous statement. Logically, however, if believing something strongly doesn’t make it so (as human experience daily proves), then it is the greatest folly to continue on with a “faith” that has no basis in fact but merely in fancy—and must therefore inevitably prove to be empty. The cost could be eternal and irrecoverable.

That being the case, how much better it is to “lose” one’s faith now while there is still time to discover the truth, than to find out too late that one has been following a lie. Such disillusionment often follows when a young person matures, leaves home to work or attend university or enter the armed services, and is no longer under parental and church influence. This could be the case whether one were a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or an adherent of any other religion. The same holds true for someone who has claimed to be a Christian but has no personal relationship with Christ on His terms. That there are millions of such people is evident from the answers given on various religious polls.

Many a young person raised in a Christian home, having professed faith in Christ and having long attended and even been active in a good evangelical church, has later rejected Christ on the basis of peer pressure or a little “higher education” or out of necessity to justify a godless lifestyle. This turning away from one’s professed faith is often justified with the claim that there is no truth, but that we have all, no matter what the religion, simply been conditioned to believe what we believe.