Nuggets from "An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith" by Dave Hunt - The Sufficiency of Christ |

Dave Hunt

The Bible has rightly been called “the Manufacturer’s handbook.” God our Maker (see Psalm:95:6; Proverbs:22:2; Isaiah:17:7) intended for the creatures He made that they should continually consult that handbook in faith. Surely our Maker included in His operating manual every instruction needed for His creatures to function holily (Leviticus:11:44-45; 19:2; 1 Thessalonians:2:10), happily (Psalm 146:5; Proverbs:3:13, 18; 16:20; John:13:17), and fruitfully (Genesis:1:28; John:15:4,8; Colossians:1:10). Surely God has not overlooked any possible problem or malfunction that might befall us nor failed to provide complete instructions and all appropriate remedies.

Suppose the descendants of Adam become angry, frustrated, fearful, anxious, insecure, lonely; or supposed they feel misused and abused or useless and lacking in purpose or meaning. Let them turn for counsel and help to their Maker, who knows everything about them, and to the Manufacturer’s handbook in which He has provided complete operating instructions. As David said, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” (Psalm:56:3). Let them turn to Christ, who indwells and empowers and whose very name is Counselor (Isaiah:9:6). What further counsel or help could they need?

Indeed, until very recently the people of God looked to Him alone for their spiritual and emotional needs – and triumphed by faith. Consider the suffering Job endured without any counseling or therapy from a Christian psychologist. If he didn’t need it, then surely those who suffer far less don’t need this newly invented help today. Job’s trials and the remedy he found through trust in God and submission to His will teach us that trials must be endured for our own good, to refine and mature us; and that God himself will be with us and is all we need to carry us through.

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