Nuggets from “An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith” by Dave Hunt – Where Two or More Are Gathered |

TBC Staff

Is it possible that somehow those of us who claim to be Christians have lost the sense of the awesomeness of God’s person and presence? Could it be that church has become something we do, with, and even for, one another rather than for God alone, a pattern of going together through the same routine each week that involves motions acceptable to man rather than the worship of God? Do we act as though we are in the presence of God himself, the infinitely powerful and holy and all-knowing Creator of the universe, who holds our breath in His hand; or do we act as though we are attempting to impress and please and even entertain one another?

So what should we do? Try to “feel” the presence of God or “visualize” Him or Christ? The destructiveness of the emotionalism and occultism resulting from such techniques has been dealt with in other places, both in my books and newsletters, so it will not be repeated here. Then how does God become real to us? Do we step out into nature and contemplate the wonders of His universe? That can be a legitimate part of bowing in wonder before God, which many psalms present to us (Psalm:8:3;p 19:1; 104:24) – but mysticism and emotionalism can overtake us there as well. Without understanding and obeying His Word, which reveals His character and will, we would be deceived. Therein lies another problem plaguing the church: lack of discernment and accountability to God’s Word.

Only the fear of the Lord will deliver us from the fear of man, from the deceit of our own hearts, and from the snare of unbiblical alliances. One often hears the naïve expression, “I embrace all those as brethren who ‘love Jesus’ and ‘name the name of Christ.’” Yet many cultists profess to love Jesus and almost all “name the name of Christ.” One must discern what is meant by such words.