Nuggets from "An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith" by Dave Hunt - Where Is Your Hope? |

TBC Staff

Our hope is in heaven and in the imminency of the rapture, which will transport us out of this evil world into His presence. In the meantime, our confident trust in our Lord through the trials of this life of faith demonstrates the reality of our trust in Him for eternity. A true story about Blondin, who walked back and forth on a tightrope across Niagara Falls, illustrates the point.

One day, in the crowd watching Blondin, a spectator was trying to explain to a younger man what it means to truly trust Christ. “What do you think of Blondin?” he asked.

“He’s the greatest!” came the enthusiastic response.

“Do you think he can carry a man across and back?”

“Of course,” was the immediate reply. “I’ve seen him do it!”

Looking the younger man squarely in the eye, the questioner said “When Blondin comes back from the other side, he’s going to call for a volunteer. Will you be the man?”

The young man turned white. “Not on your life!” he exclaimed.

Many have a similarly theoretical faith in Christ. They can sing enthusiastically about salvation, but when life’s adversities strike they have no real peace and joy and run to the nearest therapist instead of to the Lord. May He give us grace to live by faith as true Christians; and may earth’s trials strengthen our faith, deepen our love for God, increase our fellowship with and joy in Him, and bring honor and glory to Him for eternity.

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