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A Tale of Two Sisters, or The
Tragedy of Ecumenical Unfaithfulness

With heart so kind and gentle, 
And sympathetic eye;
With touching, deep affection,
And loyal, tender tie—

Was LOVE betrothed to DOCTRINE
To hold him all her days:
And walk the path of gladness
United in His ways.

Her younger sister also
Had qualities as fair,
Of caring, selfless, kindness,
And warmth without compare;
Thus U
NITY was drawn to
The husband of her youth:
And pledged herself for ever
To be the bride of T

But TIME, with bitter envy,
Across the testing years,
Pursued the slow erosion
Of happiness to tears;

Till LOVE began to weary
Of DOCTRINES pleasant voice,
And U
NITY grew cold to
The partner of her choice.

Then LOVE began to notice
The charms of H
And awed by his opinions,
She wanted to be free;

And UNITY perceived that
Her virtues were desired

By many, many others
Whose ways she so admired.

At length, two precious unions,
So promising, so blest,
Were darkened by delusion,
Disloyalty, unrest;

Till came the day of sorrows,
And rending vows of youth,
When LOVE divorced her DOCTRINE

Author unknown