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Tozer, A W

I have come to the conviction that Martin Luther made a mistake. He should have never left the Roman Catholic Church.

I am eradicating the word Protestant out of my vocabulary. I am not protesting anything. It is time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one in the Spirit and one in the Lord.

—Paul Crouch, Trinity Broadcasting Network, “Praise the Lord,” October 17, 1989 [The growing sentiment among evangelicals]

I don’t want God ever to have to say to me, “I gave you your opportunity to tell the people and you didn’t tell them. You wanted to be...liked by the people, and you wouldn’t tell them.”...I’d lose every friend in [this city]....I’d have you all turn your backs and walk away in cold anger from me, rather than face up to that awful moment when the cry of men and women is heard, “The summer is past [and we’re not saved]....” and I know that I didn’t do my part, to try to win men, to try to bring them to God.

It isn’t important that you like me, but it’s tremendously important that you’re washed in the blood of the Lamb...that you meet God in a saving encounter before that terrible day when you’ll have to cry, “The opportunity’s over....”

—A. W. Tozer, “Four Seasons of Life”