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TBC Staff

To The Berean Call Staff,

Thank you for your book The Nonnegotiable Gospel. I don’t remember how I got it or how long I’ve had it. But I finally read it! You really cleared away “the brush” and made the sweet clover accessible to all. Jesus said that His words are for “him who hath ears to hear…let him hear.” Well, the wax is out and I’m hearing. (Okay, I’ve just finished the book and I’m clearly “pumped” to finally get my actual “Christ-life” well-lived out!) MK (IL)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am very thankful to receive monthly TBC newsletters. Actually, I can’t wait to read your next newsletter each month. The good news, comments, conclusive researches that you make, and your Q&A bring me such pleasure and insight….Your information is biblically based and accurate. I remember when I was still spiritually young. Your newsletter was so difficult for me to read and understand, but today I can hear God speaking to me through the newsletter and am able to share the information with other brothers. The information encouraged me to read the Bible in an analytical way with the aim to confirm what I read. MG (South Africa)

Dear Friends,

Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ has propelled the ecumenical movement years ahead of schedule. As a delivered, traditional Catholic, I saw the movie for what it really was, the gospel of Rome. The script was according to John Newman’s 14 Stations of the Cross….Words cannot express how I regret going to see [this] R-rated movie. We were encouraged by our pastor to see [it] as a church body. Ultimately, it was my decision to go. I have asked my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to forgive me. PC (FL)


I am writing to order two more copies of your book A Woman Rides the Beast, perhaps the most motivational alarm against ecumenism with Rome available today. RM (MD)

Dear Dave,

Praise God for your book What Love Is This?  I can only say the Lord hears our cry for truth. Fourteen years ago, we left one denomination to join another, knowing nothing of Calvinism. Yet the doctrine of election seemed to raise a red flag. Being a young Christian, I felt not qualified to debate or even challenge such a widely accepted doctrine. So for 14 years I searched the Word and found a holy, fair, and loving God who does not wish any to perish….As for your book, it was God-sent. I praise Him for that and thank you for being obedient….Yes, truth shakes the walls of hell and makes the spirit of error tremble. A lie that becomes tradition, practiced long enough, is defended as truth. EH (NY)

Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,

Most of your teachings are worthy of favourable comment, but I wish to make special mention of your critique on The Passion of the Christ in the May issue of TBC—“Showtime for the Sheep?” The comparative significance between Christ’s physical and spiritual suffering was presented with knowledgeable clarity. For the first time, I had my eyes opened to the real meaning of those final hours of Christ’s earthly life. Thank you for heightening my appreciation of God’s ultimate sacrifice through His love. GK (South Africa)

The Berean Call Ministry:

We are being bombarded on all sides to reject or add to the teaching of the Bible and how to teach it by sources like Rick Warren, DaVinci Code, Alpha Course, The Passion of the Christ, etc….All deviate from the Bible….Evangelicals are falling for anyone who believes he is better qualified to interpret the Bible. NL (CA)

Dear Friends,

I appreciate your ministry even though I do not share your views on God’s sovereignty in salvation. It only makes me realize that none of us have it all right—this, too, shall be cleared up someday! SN (MN)

Dear Sirs:

It has come to my attention that you think the movie, The Passion of the Christ, is really bad and Catholic in its content. I doubt you have even seen the movie. It’s very disturbing to think a small group of judgmental Christians are getting this message out. All the Bible scholars like Chuck Swindoll and many other knowledgeable people are praising the movie. You should be happy that people are seeing for the first time the death of Christ on the cross. As far as I’m concerned, it’s wrong for you to be so critical of this movie when it has blessed so many people. Surely there is something more constructive you can do for the cause of Christ than picking things apart. I have been a Christian for many years and have a close walk with the Lord.  SS (TX)