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TBC Staff

Thanks, Dave and T.A,

The Holy Ghost is shedding so much junk out of my life through your [radio] program [Search the Scriptures Daily]. I hope and know that the Lord will finish the work He has started in me: that my eyes would be cleared of this forest so I can judge rightly. MH (CA)

Dear Berean Call,

What a revelation! Thank you, friends, for enrolling me in your Lending Library. Most everything you do has significance. PB (ND)

Dear Dave,

Congratulations are in order! Your recently published book Judgment Day! tells the true story of Islam and its agenda. I have many books that are factual, but you’ve managed to put everything into one revealing, well-documented book. RE (GA)

Dear Dave and Ruth,

Your fine book Judgment Day! arrived here a few days ago and I sat down immediately to read it. You depict Islam as it really is and not as it is painted by the media....You must have done considerable research to glean all those statistics, but that is what makes the book so interesting. AS (France)

Dear Dave,

While attending a Bible study, I offered the story of a Canadian pastor who was prosecuted for “hate crimes” when he read a passage of Scripture that had unkind things to say about homosexuals….When I suggested the same thing could be happening here, pastors and assistant pastors around the room refused comment. I was later told by a well-educated “Christian counselor” that my approach to Christianity was old fashioned. She said we are not supposed to go around talking about sin and hell; she had seen many more good results by emphasizing love for all humanity. MV (ID)

Dear Berean Call family,

I would like to commend you on your unwavering stance in bringing the truth of God and His Word to light in an ever-darkening world….In the beginning I found that when I read your newsletter it was difficult to follow and understand. I have since learned that I was quite unaware (and naïve) of the real and present dangers of false doctrines that are out there. I have also realized the importance of knowing and growing in the Scriptures on a daily basis. I thank you and your staff for your tireless and persevering work in exposing these false doctrines in the light of His Word. KD (FL)

Dear Bereans,

I came out of the library and met a boy getting on his bike. He told me he came to the library to learn how to do real magic, like Harry Potter. He said if you put a dollar between two candles and light them at the same time, the dollar would turn into three dollars. I suggested we look in the Bible and see what happened to Simon the magician. Such is the effect of the books about Harry Potter on innocent children. A father should teach his children the Scriptures every day [not just] leaving it up to their wives or the Sunday school. I am now 81 years old and I used to attend services at a chapel 50 miles away. I thank you for giving edifying articles in The Berean Call.  BB (NY)

Dear Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon,

I am grateful that there are sound teachers left who have the guts to stand up for the truth (without timidity). I worry greatly about seeker-sensitive, deceptive teaching impacting the church. My boyfriend recently got saved…through conviction and listening to the Search the Scriptures Daily  radio segments. SW (Australia)

Dear Friends,

I have much appreciated your stand on biblical authority and have heard both Dave and Tom speak with resonance on issues about which we share a mutual passion. The comments from JS (NJ) that John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul led this women’s Bible study leader’s class to conclude, “we don't need to have the Old Testament to understand the New Testament...Israel is not really important”make no sense and cause your readers to scratch their heads in wonder. I...am a graduate of The Masters Seminary. I also attended Grace Community Church and was heavily involved in evangelism, teaching, and music ministries....I now pastor a church....I am troubled by...Sproul’s... views....However, I know for certain that Pastor MacArthur does not condone any notion that...“Israel is not really important.” The writer has wrongly  connected  MacArthur with reformed eschatology and should set her class straight....MC (CA)