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TBC Staff

Dear Brothers Dave and Tom,
I am impressed by the way that you stand for the Scriptures; truth is truth and that never changes. I sat in the Roman church for twenty years and never heard truth or the gospel of Jesus Christ or of the love of God. I can truthfully say that I do not know of another ministry that publicly stands against the Beast. BC (TX)

I thank Dave and Tom so much for...the discernment you have to ferret out the truth in all things that are happening in the world. There's such a blasé approach to Scripture, and few sermons from the pulpit stir the emotions to higher heights of joy and blessing. Very little...to stir the heart to accomplish great things for the Lord. I am disappointed with the church of today. EJ (MN)

Dear Berean Call,
Although I do agree with a portion of the facts you present, I disagree with the way that you present them. It is my belief that all Christians are instructed to proclaim the GOOD NEWS rather than highlight the bad, and I don't believe that you are doing that. It may be that God has called you to do what you do, but I have chosen not to participate in your ministry. CP (NJ)

Dear Dave,
We read your letter completely and depend on it to keep us informed of the things that are going on. We are sorta out of the mainstream now due to our old age. Before my husband became a Christian, he was involved in the martial arts. He has ordered your book [Yoga and the Body of Christ]. We have been concerned about this for some time. BF (OR)

Dear Staff,
The book Queen of Rome, Queen of Islam, Queen of All!...fills a huge gap in most people's understanding of what is soon to happen after the Rapture. It doesn't go over the same old territory again and again....JP (OR)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I wonder if these pastors (who were so excited for their congregations to view this heretical film by Mel Gibson, The Passion of the Christ) believe or understand what it means to be a protestant. I wonder if they have any knowledge as to what the 16th-century Protestant Reformation was about. I wonder if they are aware of the hundreds of thousands of men, women, and yes, children, who were martyred because of their protest. I wonder if these pastors are aware of the evil that  their enthusiasm contributed to. Consider that: devout Roman Catholic Mel Gibson has invested the profits he earned from [this movie] in the construction of a religious compound that honors the Council of Trent. Much of the $400 million Gibson bankrolled on The Passion came from evangelicals who were persuaded by their pastors and Christian leaders to see the film. Gibson has revealed that this compound, which includes a 9,000 square foot Holy Family Catholic Church and a collection of buildings still under construction, is for parishioners who subscribe to 16th-century counter-Reformation. May the Holy Spirit impress upon these so-called shepherds of the flock their ignorance and sin and may they fall on their faces before God and repent. JM (ME)

Christian Greetings,
I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for the wonderful exposé on so-called Christian Psychology (TBC, Mar, Apr 2006). I especially appreciated the letter to the editor from the nurse who worked in...psychology and psychiatry. I sent my copies of the above issues to another nurse who has threatened suicide and entered herself into a psychiatric hospital. She is also a professing Christian. I do not understand Christians who do not turn to God with everything that troubles them. Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. JR (AL)

Brother Hunt,
I received my first newsletter in April 1992. I have gained knowledge and information that I couldn't have gotten from any other source....You have taken a stand when others have compromised. The Truth the Lord has given to you has always been presented with a humble heart. Thank you for your continual commitment to the service of the Lord and His Word. JW (OK)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
We are ex-Mormons who now believe in the "traditional" Jesus of the Bible.... I remember being so confused in what I believed when I went to the Mormon temple last time...that I prayed to "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" to make sure the "right Jesus" and the "right God" heard my prayer. He did because I never went back into that temple again. Becoming "a god" is the first lie Satan told Eve and it is still going on today. Praise God we're out! I am so proud of Mr. [T.A.] McMahon for standing firm in what the Scriptures teach no matter how unpopular that may be with many Christians and non-Christians as well. SH (WA)