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TBC Staff
Dear Brother Hunt,
I am listening to your October 2007 message "What Love Is This?" that was preached, evidently, in England. I appreciate your kind attitude so much with regards toward your "Reformed" brethren. So much of what you have said touches me so much. I have been a pastor for 31 years.... I absolutely had to pause the video and write because you got to the point that you were shocked, after having taught on this subject for so many years, [when] you discovered what they meant by regeneration in order to get saved. I never took Calvinism seriously enough until a few years ago and you have expressed exactly the reaction I had when I found this out. I didn't know how I had missed it. When I shared this with many of my fundamentalist pastor friends, they were equally shocked....Well, thank you for your many insights and studies that you have done on this subject. May God bless you. PZ (NJ)
Dear Dave,
Thank you for your excellent bookCosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny....I am enjoying it very much. I have mentioned it to several people. The Lord bless you, Mr. Hunt, as you serve Him. I pray for Mr. Dawkins that the Lord will save him. He has so much hatred for the Lord who loves him. LG (Canada)
Dear Brother Dave,
As two Christians (former Roman Catholics) saved by the Lord Jesus in 1977, we just want to say "Thank You" for your book, A Woman Rides the Beast. If only all of our still unsaved family members would read it! Needless to say, we were never taught about the Inquisition or some of the true facts coming out of Rome. T&MS (email)
Dear Brother Dave,
I just finished reading Debating Calvinism and now I deeply appreciate 1 Corinthians:1:18-31. I got the impression that, based on Mr. White's writings, I would need the original Greek manuscript, or copies thereof, with a working knowledge of Greek and its grammar in order to understand salvation. Glory to our Father that I can sit in a prison cell and, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, grow in a loving relationship with Almighty God. Thank you, Brother, for your faithfulness. SS (CO, prisoner)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
I have been blessed by your teachings in many ways for more than two decades. One thing is that you have kept me from being led into the wrong direction by churches I attended and the things they practiced. I don't know how to thank you enough. And before my 24-year-old son was 4 years old, we had more fun reading The Money Tree than I can put into words!! You are a good man and may the Lord bless you forever. NR (email)
Thanks again for the lending library. TenP's in a Pod was another blessing to us....We have started memorizing Scripture--2 John 1. Even our four [and six year olds,] who can't read...yet, have memorized it....We also have been inspired to read...one hour in the morning and thirty minutes after each meal, as did the Pents. We had devotions before, but being in the Word even more is proving already to be a blessing. BF (IN)
Dear Dave Hunt and Ruth,
We recently watched the 2010 Great Lakes Prophecy Conference from the internet, which showed the thanks and appreciation for the influence Dave has had on the speakers' lives. It was sincere, though humorous, too. [We] want to add our two cents. TBC has been a continual blessing. I used to call the newsletter my "love letter," as it gave assurance and encouragement in leaving the RCC as an adult. That happened to both of us after we were married. There were times of hurts and testing and God sent help through your ministry when we needed it. Thank you so much. May your reward be great. D&CL (SD)
In the most recent edition of The Berean Call, you asked for a response to whether I want to continue receiving your newsletters. I do not. While I have usually found something of value in each and every edition, Dave Hunt's increasingly hostile tone toward those whom he disagrees with, bitingly polemic spirit in which he argues his points, a general lack of redemptiveness and graciousness, and the way he selectively uses church history to his own ends are the reasons for my departure. It appears to me that Dave Hunt believes he is the last bastion of truth within evangelicalism today [because of]-direct quote—"the leaven of heresy that has been deposited in all theological camps"—except his own theological camp, of course. I have received The Berean Call since I was in high school and watched, over the years, its migration from a helpful source of biblical instruction and reference for believers in dealing with cults and the Roman Church, to an organization that finds its primary mission in attacking and undermining any truth or view that does not fit within the narrow confines of the dispensational/pre-trib theology that you espouse as the only correct view. I wish you God's best, although I fear that the lampstand of ministry is being removed.  Several of those who worship with us here feel the same. GS (OR)