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Hi Dave,
I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you have done in standing up for the truth. You have awakened in me something long suppressed...to be more active in my faith. Your books and their content are a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. I recently went through a tough time with Calvinism, and it was your research and passion and the grace of the Lord through you that has directed me to the right path. Thank you very much for making a stand for people to read their Bible and get back to Biblical truth and for encouraging the daily reading of the Bible. Keep up the good work. WB (email)

Dear TBC,
This month [May], I was blessed to see the topic pertaining to the book Heaven is for Real. I had recently been given a very similar book (another best seller, ironically) by a friend who highly recommended it. Upon review, I decided that although the story may be interesting and quaint, it was certainly extra-biblical. Amidst my busy schedule of home schooling mom and assistant pastor's wife, I had decided this book just didn't make the cut of something that would edify me in spiritual growth through Scripture. I appreciated the article, as it confirmed that I was following the discernment that the Lord gave, not just being a "stick in the mud." In retrospect, I had a similar affirmation of receiving Godly discernment after reading the article about Glenn Beck. I had enjoyed listening to his political commentary in the past but was becoming increasingly concerned with his spiritual dialogue. I am grateful for your willingness to bring the light to the areas that are often covered with shades of gray. MC (MA)

Mr. Hunt,
You came down pretty hard on the Masonic order in your [March] Berean Call. It is my understanding that the Masonic order is a fraternal organization, not a religious organization, even though it does believe in God. You mentioned that the Masonic order accepted all gods without distinction; however, I have not heard of a Mason being asked to accept the teachings of the Hindu gods, Buddhism, or any other so-called religious order. Mr. Albert Pike's reference to gods other than the Christian's God, in my opinion, alludes to the fraternity's worldwide membership, which may include people from other beliefs; however, it does not mean that Masons who are Christian have to embrace those religions in any shape, form, or fashion. They are free to honor Jesus Christ openly and without reservation. I inferred from your article that you were less than pleased that the founding fathers of this country had Masonic affiliations; however, from my reading of U.S. history, they seem to have done a good job in building this country into the powerful nation it is, with the right to worship as one sees fit and to speak freely about their beliefs--which you exercised in your article. That does not mean, however, that I agree with the politics that all of them practiced. GJ (email)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is a great blessing to have received your most recent newsletter....Wow! God is using you all in such a mighty way for He knows this is a necessity concerning these end times. Jesus has kept me afloat by His grace and mercy for 11 years of being incarcerated. Much of that grace and mercy has been provided by Him through TBC. I praise God and I thank Him for all of you there. Don't give up my friends! Know that you are truly making a difference and an impact on many lives for the real gospel of Jesus Christ.... CW (NC, prisoner)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
Thank you for your message concerning psychology and inner healing. A non-Christian friend recommended your website, and I've been listening to your teachings a lot since then. I wish I knew all this, when I was 20 years old. I'm 50 years old now, and not knowing all of this [caused] me and my family a lot of pain. I was depressed, phobic, and suicidal  but instead of helping me biblically, [my counselors] offered me inner healing--the Agnes Sanford way! I got memories of my mother trying to abort me and other weird stuff, but since it was during prayer...it had to be true and to doubt that was sin....I got married, was blessed with two children, but the depression hit again. My leaders took me to Toronto in 1995, and after that things got worse. I went to a Christian psychologist,...Nine years of therapy, sometimes I doubted my memories, but again--we were doing everything in prayer. "You have to believe; otherwise you'll give satan what he wants."

Finally [I] broke with therapy and drugs (prescription drugs, but nevertheless drugs) and the memories faded, the other personalities faded, and I knew I had been suffering from false memory syndrome. Long story!...The [reaction] I get the most often is: "It's impossible! God doesn't give a stone when we ask for bread. It's in the Bible."...I knew I was honest and really wanted to serve the Lord and they (the therapists) said I couldn't receive a stone, so all my memories were in fact "bread." [Now] I know the answer, we never really asked God. We were misled, we didn't understand how this works, how occult it is. But I was really trying to obey God. I really wanted to follow Jesus. But it backfired. Thank you for listening and for keeping the subject alive. SK (Netherlands)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I found your book, The Seduction of Christianity, in a thrift store and started to read it almost immediately. I believe that everybody who calls him/herself a Christian should read this book! Because the edition of the book is from 1986 there was no website on it, but, thank God, I found it on the internet....I certainly want to use the information from this book to warn other believers! I want to thank Brothers Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon for the intense studies they have done, and for sharing it with us/me! More than ever before we need discernment through the Holy Spirit to recognize what is going on! With great interest I will read your articles and newsletters! God bless you and your ministry! MD (email)