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To Everyone at The Berean Call,
The work you all do is so valuable and so needed. People will believe anything nowadays—it’s downright scary. So many lies and myths out there and so few Bereans ....Come soon, Lord Jesus! I hope you are holding up in Christ—in His protection and with His blessings during these last days. KT (FL)
Dear Mr. McMahon,
Many, many thanks to you and praise the Lord for your article “The Bible According to Hollywood” (July ’13). I wanted to write and lift you up as you and the staff war against everything imaginable in this dark hour. You have the mind of the Lord on the matter. Few evangelicals would hazard the reproach you have for the sake of the truth about Hollywood distortion and corruption of the Word of God.
Voices like yours are as needed today as they are rare. A. W. Tozer wrote against the religious movie in his day to the embarrassment of church goers of his generation.
Keep up the good work. You have been called to walk in the old paths wherein is the good way (Jeremiah 6). No cracks on that path! DC (AR)
Berean Call,
Sometime ago I wrote to say that I thought that your concerns regarding Chuck  Missler’s theology were unwarranted.
Well, in the meantime I read the book, The Kingdom, Power & Glory, and now must apologise for my original remarks.  The book is confusing, to say the least, and a real cause for concern for those who are already struggling with the social gospel, and/or the Catholic works-oriented way to salvation that seems to be gaining ground in the evangelical church.
I also recently went through a Missler DVD Bible study and noticed the high praise given several times by Chuck to the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ, without explaining all the many unscriptural and very Catholic parts of the movie.
Now I see that Chuck is a speaker at a conference where a segment is devoted to the Shroud of Turin along with the Nephilim theories. So my question would be—is this a cause for concern when a learned teacher of Chuck’s renown heads down a path that is seemingly not in accord with the Word of God?
Thank you for your ministry in these days in which we live. AB (Australia)
Dear Tom,
Your “Bible Survival” videos are an excellent use of your talents and resources. Keep it up and may our God bless the Word as it goes forth! WB (AK)
Dear T. A. McMahon and TBC staff,
I was sorry to hear of Dave Hunt’s passing away. Whenever a Christian dies it is hard on those left behind, but the one who has died is with their Lord and Savior.... Dave was a wonderful Christian man!
When my father died in 1999, I became my mother’s caregiver. Dave sent me over $100 worth of books to read, he said they were free! Wonderful books! [Dave] had a big heart. I’ll never forget him....
I love your discerning of trends today. It’s Bible-based, scriptural, simple truth. I listen to your radio broadcast [and] I pray for that, too. MB (NY)
Perhaps I represent so very many people who have not spoken up. I have been deeply encouraged by the ministry of The Berean Call...please know how thankful I am for all you do for getting the Truth out there.
I was saved out of sin and Catholicism over 30 years ago as a young gal in a very Catholic area in Iowa. My high school had over 900 people in it and 11 of us regularly gathered  together for prayer. We could not think of another possible born-again Christian in our school.
As I matured in my faith in the Lord, I was amazed at how often people would vehemently defend the idea that “Catholics” are saved. (I believe it is possible there may be some saved people sitting IN a Catholic Church, but you have to decide if you are really Catholic...or believing the biblical gospel message.) As I set myself apart from those who would so defend the Catholics, I became more and more isolated.
Later, I began speaking up about the emergent church, oftentimes being the only one who would take a public stance against it....God pushed me into becoming more vocal. I was timid and lacked a good support system to encourage me onward, but the Lord remained so very faithful. He was, and is, my support system! Others have been there for just the right times as well. I have a deep, deep thankfulness for Dave Hunt (and all of you) for being so bold, and for sharing all you have learned with us. It was so helpful for me at different times to have your materials via books or the Internet or newsletters come into my life once again to uplift me in those times of isolation. KD (email)