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Dear TBC,
I want to thank you very much for the book, A “Wonderful” Deception, you sent [earlier this year]. There is no way I could have done the research....Our prison has been flooded with The Purpose Driven Life books....One brother in our study group would share certain questions and thoughts that were kind of “out there.” Our teacher gently rebuked him and told him to quit reading whatever it was he was reading and stick to the Word....I thank our Father for exposing...our enemy’s wiles through Warren Smith’s book.

I must confess, I admire how [you] zealously stick to the Word when answering questions. How I wish I could keep my cool when confronted in person about the Bible. Yeah, I tend to be emotional....Thank you for your time and consideration. Keep our study group and discipleship groups in prayer, as well as the rest of your brothers and sisters behind these walls. God bless you all at TBC. RG (TX, prisoner)

Dear TBC Staff,
We would just like to thank you for the live-streaming of the conference. It was a blessing for my husband and me to be able to listen online as we are in the state of New York. We learned a lot and so much important information was gleaned....Sometimes it can be hard to discern...it can all sound so good and right, but it is not. Again, thank you and God bless you all and the work you do, and all the speakers who were at the conference too. JS (NY)

Dear Friends,
I must mention to you that Tom McMahon has done another marvelous job with the [July] TBC feature article [“What Think Ye of Heaven?”], and he should know it—at least we should tell him. Today everything is coming apart except the Kingdom of God, and as he said, our mind should be thinking more on His promises “over there.” It’s our Blessed Hope! AG (email)

Dear Newsletter Staff,
I truly enjoy your monthly newsletters and am continuously strengthened in my faith and in the Word. Thank you! You printed an excerpt from C. H. Mackintosh, “Job and His Friends,” in the August newsletter. It was incredibly biblically based and so very encouraging to my walk and desire to become more like the Bereans. I have since done some research on Mackintosh, as I had never been introduced to him. I so greatly admire, esteem, appreciate, and grow from these wonderful “Bereans” of the late 19th century and earlier. They seem to be so...“right on” in the Word....Many blessings to you as you continue your work to help us all become more like the Bereans. BK (email)

Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent conference. We really appreciated the archives being available for us to watch as we had time. We wanted to attend but were unable....The information, teaching, and worship were a blessing to my wife and me. We praise God for your ministry and the excellent presenters we heard. E&LE (ID)

Greetings Mr. McMahon,
As you can see by the envelope, I’m incarcerated in Florida. I started receiving your newsletter about a year ago. I’m truly thankful for the information you provide. I’ve had to change some things about me and really question what I was being taught before I came to prison. I’m not looking for sympathy. I alone put myself in prison. I made a very stupid choice and got 20 years for it. I’ve got a very different view now....It’s hard to unlearn 40 years of incorrect teaching, but, by the grace of God, I’ve found my way to proper Bible teaching....I would like to thank you kindly for your time. Please pray for me while I’m here and for my family to receive strength through this difficult time for them. [They] live in [another state] so we do not see each other. I know that they are hurting due to my actions. AL (FL, prisoner)

Dear Mr McMahon,
I’m e-mailing to say how much I enjoyed your Bible Survival series. It is true that reading the Bible is a vital occupation. One of my biggest regrets in life is not spending enough time reading it. BH (England)

Dear TBC,
As I read [“Prophecy Run Amok,” August 2014] I was reminded of all the excised Scripture in contemporary Christianity’s preaching, teaching, and writing. As it relates to Christ’s return and date setting, they completely ignore Matthew:24:36-42. It cannot be any plainer!

I also read the NewsWatch item about “Presbyterian Divestment.” Evidently Romans chapter 11 does not exist in what’s left of their Bible. Also “replacement theology” is the tool that Hitler used to unify Germany behind his anti-Semitic crusade as it was dominant in both the German Lutheran and Catholic churches. AB (WY)