An Open Letter to Beth Moore |

TBC Staff

[TBC: On June 18, 2019, a group of prominent Christian women, wrote Beth Moore an open letter regarding a serious problem in her public comments.]

The women noted how Moore speedily condemned the Covington Catholic School boys earlier this year whom the media falsely portrayed as racists and bigots, but how in regard to homosexuality, she has avoided making comments altogether. “It is this Johnny-on-the-spot readiness to engage issues related to misogyny and racism that makes your virtual silence on the issue of homosexuality so puzzling,” the letter notes.

The letter continues, focusing heavily on Moore’s seemingly close relationships with two “progressive Christian authors,” Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt, who have openly shown support for the LGBTQ community. Merritt has even expressed that he had “at least one homosexual encounter about a decade ago.”

The letter notes that Hatmaker and Merritt are “known for their belief that practicing homosexuals can be Christians” and questions if – since Moore is adored by them both – she too subscribes to the same ideology.

The letter, however, does not make a definitive assumption and instead asks Moore to answer this series of questions regarding homosexuality:

1. Do you believe homosexuality is inherently sinful?

Do you believe that the practice of the homosexual lifestyle is compatible with holy Christian living?

Do you believe a person who dies as a practicing homosexual but professes to be a Christian will inherit eternal life?

Do you believe same-sex attraction is, in and of itself, an inherently sinful, unnatural, and disordered desire that must be mortified?

Why have you been so silent on this subject in light of your desire to “teach the word of God?”

The letter concludes with its authors noting that they only “ask these questions to you out of genuine concern.”

“As Bible teachers, all of us are held to a very high standard and will give an account for how we handle God’s word.  As you know, homosexuality is widely discussed and debated amongst evangelicals and society at large,” it continues.

“Many families are affected by this issue. The most loving thing obedient Christians can do for them is to clearly communicate God’s truth. We look forward to your clarification on these pressing issues,” the letter concludes.

[At the time of this writing] Moore has yet to directly respond to the letter.

(Kayla Koslosky, Beth Moore’s Beliefs on Homosexuality Are Called into Question in Open Letter from Bible Teachers, ChristianHeadlines Online, 6/19/19).