Opponents of Abortion Facing Relentless Bullying | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Huge pressure is coming from several sources that want to force nations in Africa and both South and Central America to legalize abortion.

The latest example is Kenya, with a population largely against abortion, which was being pressured to change its laws – in spite of the fact that the nation's constitution bans abortion except in certaincases.According to the Ruth Institute, the "deceptively named Reproductive Healthcare Bill" that was before the Kenyan Parliament in late 2020 "not only imposes abortion on demand, but violates the conscience rights of medical workers" by threatening them with prison sentences and fines.

Don Feder, a spokesman for the Ruth Institute, explains the origin of a good deal of that pressure on those nations.

"It's supported by organizations like Planned Parenthood International, Marie Stopes International, [the] George Soros[-funded] Open Democracy Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and similar organizations," he tells One News Now.

Aside from billionaires' pressure, Feder explains the countries face another source pushing for legalization of abortion: the wealthy United Nations.

"The organization itself, at least the General Assembly, has never voted to support abortion," he notes. "However, various U.N.agencies do this through their bureaucracies – [agencies] like theU.N.Population Fund."

And while in most instances those organizations come up short in meeting their objective, the Ruth Institutes points out they keep returning and intend to do so until the countries change their laws and legalize child termination. The latest country to fall is Argentina.