The original surrender |

TBC Staff - EN

Oh, I have talked with many who have said, “You know, I believe that somewhere years ago I missed God’s plan for my life and that my life has been wasted.” Now, what do they mean? They’ve been living in open sin? Not so. They’ve been living in grossness? No! They are lost? No! They know that the past is under the blood. They know that they know the way of victory. But, you see, they have been content to go on without that embrace of the will of God for their life. It isn’t just enough to have a moment of surrender. “Lord, I want thy will to be done.” We must live every day from that time on, and every issue that arises must be met in the light of that surrender. Therefore, every issue, every decision must be made in the light of the original decision which committed us to the will of God.

--Paris Reidhead (May 30, 1919 - March 23, 1992. Christian missionary, teacher, writer).