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TBC Staff

[TBC: While the Emergent Church continues minimizing the Scriptures, it is wonderful to know that God is not bound and his Word continues to free those whose imprisoned spirits have long lain “fast bound in sin and nature’s night.” Consider the following statement of a new member of the kingdom of God from the Yembi Yembi people of Papua New Guinea.]

“I know, I am responsible to teach my wife and my kids about what I have learned. It is my responsibility. The rope of this knowledge CANNOT be cut off again like it was at the Tower of Babel. I can’t let that happen again....It’s been so horrible being in darkness. I don’t want anyone to be afraid and in darkness again. This is the most important thing I will ever do. I shouldn’t be concerned about how rich I can become or getting a teacher’s position or becoming an Aid Post Medical Officer. No! That’s all wrong thinking. FIRST I need to teach my family and then I can pursue a vocation because what if I die next year at School or something!!!! It’s my responsibility to keep God’s Message Rope of His talk going and staying continuous.”

Extract from New Tribes Missionary prayer letter.