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Pakistani author Noor Dahri, a proud Muslim, recently joined the Zionist Federation of the UK, and penned an op-ed explaining to fellow Muslims why he did so, and why they, too, should consider supporting Israel.

Dahri explained that while most fellow Muslims “welcomed my brave and courageous step to grasp the truth,” many others were confused and angered by his new affiliation with what he termed the “national liberation movement of the Jewish people.”

Addressing accusations of anti-Muslim apartheid and oppression in Israel, Dahri noted that “Muslims are living in peace and harmony under Israeli law and there are about 400 Mosques…which are protected by the Jewish state.”

He continued by stressing that “Zionism has never encouraged religious violence,” and further pointed out that “there is freedom of speech and freedom of religion for Muslims in the state of Israel.”

In fact, “Muslims live in the only democratic country in the Middle East without fear and persecution,” Dahri wrote. “We cannot find any religious discrimination against Arab Israelis in the Jewish state.”

Nor does Dahri see any religious contradiction in his position, expressing the same position as a growing number of other Muslim figures in recent years: “…the Quran itself defended Jews and their land of Israel.”

In particular, Dahri explained that “traditional commentators from the 8th and 9th century onwards have uniformly interpreted the Qur’an to say explicitly that the Land of Israel has been given by God to the Jewish people as a perpetual covenant.”

(Israel Today Staff, "Pakistani Muslim on Why He Joined Zionist Movement," Israel Today Online, April 24, 2016)

(TBC: The Qur'an developed over time and while one cannot avoid its condemnation of Christians and Jews, earlier written portions acknowledged Israel's right to the Holy Land. "Pharaoh sought to scare them [the Israelites] out of the land [of Israel]: but We [Allah] drowned him [Pharaoh] together with all who were with him. Then We said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. When the promise of the hereafter [End of Days] comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you [the Israelites] all together [in the Land of Israel]" - Qur'an, "Night Journey," chapter 17:100-104.)

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