Pass the pepper |

TBC Staff

Dr Kettlewell of Oxford University in England introduced the peppered moth melanism story in 1955 as evidence for evolution by natural selection. Since then it has appeared in almost every biology text as evidence for evolution. Yet there are serious problems with Kettlewell’s story.

    1) The moth does not rest on tree trunks!...Kettlewell actually glued 

two dead moths on the tree trunk to take his famous photograph that was published in 

    so many school books.

    2) Moths have no tendency to choose matching backgrounds.

    3) Kettlewell’s results have not been replicated in later studies....

    The peppered moth is just another example of a so-called proof for evolution that was widely published for many years and then quietly deleted when the truth was finally researched by other scientists. Perhaps the “expert’s” pattern of “straining at gnats” has led many to “swallow a camel” of deception. Beware the next time you hear about some sensationalized “proof” for evolution in action.

        Dennis R. Petersen, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, Master Books, 2002, p. 99