Perverse Apologetics |

TBC Staff

In Derrick Bailey’s book, “Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition,“ Mr Bailey argues that the verb “yadah” (“know”)used in Genesis:19:5 should be translated “to get acquainted.” With this in mind, Bailey explained that the men of Sodom simply wanted to “become acquainted with the men in Lot’s house.” Their continued insistence on “getting acquainted with” these visitors was a serious violation of the accepted code of hospitality. In short, the Sodomites were being inhospitable. (Derrick Bailey, Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition, reprint, Hamden, CT: The Shoestring Press, Inc., 1975).

The Scriptural record is quite different , and the clear intent of the men of Sodom is not arguable. Still, willing to escape any biblical disapproval, men will go to almost any lengths to explain away the obvious. Some have used the term “scripture twisting” to describe what Bailey and others are doing. Another term used is “scriptural acrobatics,” but with no trapeze, highwire, or net.