Philistine 2 |

TBC Staff

In this last decade of the 20th century, as we move rapidly toward the last days of the End Times, two things stand out beyond all others: that the Western nations possess a cosmic ignorance of the reason for the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that the Church is abysmally naive in her thinking toward Islam.

The great majority of Westerners think that disputed ownership of land is the cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Scarcely a day passes without the news media propagating and enforcing this line of thought into the minds of the world’s masses. And the widely held heretical belief that Jews, Christians and Moslems all serve the same God and that there must be “understanding and interfaith-dialogue,” will benefit the Church as much as the hunter benefited from his compromise with the grizzly bear. The hunter needed a fur coat, and the grizzly bear needed a meal, so the nice hunter compromised; the grizzly bear got his meal and the hunter was inside the grizzly bear’s fur coat.

     Philistine,  Ramon Bennett, Shekinah Books, 1995, p. 41