Philistine 3 |

TBC Staff

When Islam conquers, it establishes memorials to its conquest. Islam’s most holy sites (apart from the two in Mecca and Medina) are former Jewish or Christian holy sites. Thus the Omar mosque (Dome of the Rock) stands over the site of the Jewish temple to denote Islam’s superiority over Judaism. And, just a stone’s throw away, stands the monument to Islam’s superiority over Christianity, the Aqsa mosque—built over the site of Solomon’s porches where the Christian Church began (John:10:23; Acts:3:11, 5:12). Many hundreds of churches throughout the world (around 500 in Britain) have now been turned into mosques. Islam is marching; the Church is retreating.

     Philistine,  Ramon Bennett, Shekinah Books, 1995, p. 54