Planned Parenthood Chaplain Exposed |

TBC Staff

Planned Parenthood chaplain exposed [Excerpts]

A man identifying himself as Vincent Lachina claiming to be "an ordained Southern Baptist minister" with Mississippi roots turned up in Tupelo at a public hearing in early August on Initiative 26, also known as the Personhood Amendment that would define human life as beginning at the moment of fertilization.

Lachina roundly denounced Initiative 26, which appeared on the Nov. 8 statewide general election ballot, and said, "I wish to say quite clearly that I am both an evangelical Christian and I am committed to a woman's right to her own reproductive choices.... I consider myself both pro-choice and pro-life, and I see no conflict in those two convictions."

Strange as that sounded to the crowd at the hearing, Lachina's choice of garb was even more mystifying. He was dressed in a lavender shirt with a clerical collar -- the first time any of the Mississippi Baptists at the hearing could remember seeing such an outfit on a "Southern Baptist minister."

Jacob Dawson, assistant new media director for, a division of American Family Association in Tupelo, was attending the hearing and grew suspicious. As Lachina continued to speak, Dawson opened his laptop computer, connected to the Internet through a local wireless network, and conducted a search.

Dawson would tell the crowd a few minutes later that the Vincent Lachina standing at the podium in Tupelo was actually Vincent Lachina from Seattle, a homosexual activist and chaplain for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

The website of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest in Seattle did indeed contain a profile describing Lachina as its chaplain -- at least until shortly after his exposure in Tupelo. The organization swiftly deleted information about Lachina but David Schmidt, writing on the pro-life website, was able to locate the original text on a cached Google page.

While Lachina claimed in Tupelo to be an ordained Southern Baptist minister, the deleted Planned Parenthood webpage dug up by Schmidt revealed that, "He is now aligned with the more progressive American Baptist Conference and Church of Christ."

In addition, Lachina personally identifies himself as an "American Baptist clergyperson" in a video on