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Parents Barred from “Planned Parenthood” Conference

WACO, Texas, July 19, 2004 ( - Planned Parenthood's week-long conference for children, Nobody's Fool, opened Thursday, attracting 350 youngsters, according to a Waco news source. 

The conference, open to children from grades 4 to 9, or 10 to 14 years old, bans parents from attending. American Life League's STOPP International executive director, Jim Sedlak called the conference a "thinly veiled attack on parental rights, public morality and the health and well-being of our children," according to a MichNews account. 

For the $5 admission charge, children also receive a free copy of the book, "It's Perfectly Normal," an 89-page primer of sexually-explicit illustrations meant to teach children the tools for engaging in sexual acts, including homosexuality and masturbation.

"This so-called 'educational text' is nothing more than pornography in comic book form," Sedlak said.

Some examples from the text include, "The ancient Greeks thought that love between two men was the highest form of love," found on page 17, as described by Dr. John Pisciotta, Professor of Economics at Baylor and Co-Director of Pro-Life Waco.  Page 48 claims that, "People of all ages masturbate-babies, kids, teenagers, grown-ups, and the elderly." "There are many reasons why a female or a couple might want or need to end a pregnancy," according to instructions on page 73 of the text. The ninth reason is listed as "female did not intend to become pregnant."

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