Play about Jesus |

TBC Staff

NEW ZEALAND 2/24/03--A controversial play that has Jesus as a pot-smoking activist and teenage dad opens at Waikato University this week. A.D., written by one of Scotland's most distinguished poets, Edwin Morgan, for millennium celebrations in Glasgow, rocked the pulpit and made headlines across the UK when it was first performed by the city's theatre company, Raindog, said director William Farrimond.

"Some parts of the established churches in Scotland considered this play to be inappropriate and blasphemous," he said.

Morgan, 84, wrote A.D. (Anno Domini, in the Year of the Lord) to make his audience think about the life of Jesus....In A.D., Jesus is an ordinary man with feelings, weaknesses and normal human appetites. He has relationships with women, fathers a child and dabbles with hashish....

"The play is quite contradictory to the way the Bible tells the story. “