PLO Boast: We'll make a bigger splash than Jesus |

TBC Staff

PLO spokesman: We'll make bigger impact than Jesus [Excerpts]

PLO chief and PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas' senior spokesman Thursday asserted presumptuously that the "successful" outcome of the land-for-peace process would make a greater impact on the Middle East than that made by Jesus Christ.

Saeb Erekat was speaking at a conference funded by the ultra-leftist 'Peres Center for Peace' in Tel Aviv.

"If we want a peace agreement – there are only six months left. This is the time to make decisions," Erekat said.

He insisted that there are solutions to the "core issues" of who will get Jerusalem, what will happen to the "Palestinian refugees," and what the final borders of Israel and Palestine will be.

"The Israeli and Palestinian (sic) leaders who reach an agreement will be more important to the region's history than Jesus," Erekat proclaimed.