Possibility Doesn't Mean "Safe" | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

The dangers of yoga, meditation, and contemplative mystical/occult practices have become commonplace more than ever. In the overall scheme of things, it appears that very few people seem to care at all about testing what is popular, to see if it is safe. Countless people, even many who are aware of the dangers associated with mystical/occult spirituality, rush headlong into this vast smorgasbord of the unknown. This includes many church goers, young people, and spiritual seekers who have no discretion at all about dangerous spiritual practices and the baleful intent of deceiving spirits.

Ignorantly believing that any (and perhaps all) supernatural manifestations are true healings, they zealously immerse themselves in practices mistakenly labeled as transformative and therapeutic. Many think that this must be progress on the road to enlightenment. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truthThe fact that something is accessible and considered very popular does not necessarily mean it is safe!

More often than not, spiritual carnage is the deadly result of spiritual ignorance. Psychotic episodes, chaotic mental states, undiagnosable diseases, and all manner of psycho-spiritual illnesses that cannot be treated by medical doctors—this is the world of mysticism and its deceptive fruit.

—Chris Lawson (Pastor, missionary, founder of Spiritual Research Network)