Premillennial History |

TBC Staff

[TBC: Recent attempts by Replacement Theologians, Amillennialists, and Preterists to discredit premillennialism have sought to portray the doctrine as something unheard of until John Darby. Here is what a review in The Sword and the Trowel (October, 1891, p. 581) had to say.]
"One of [John] Bunyan's contemporaries, Benjamin Keach, an illustrious predecessor  of Spurgeon in the pastorate, has left a very full confession of his views on this point. He was brought to trial
Oct. 8th, 1664, on two charges of Anabaptism and Millenarianism. As he stood before Lord Chief justice Hide, the representative of the [Church of England], he was summoned first to answer for his 'damnable doctrine' concerning baptism; which, being disposed of, the second article of indictment was teken up, viz., that heheld 'that the saints shall reign with Christ a thousand years.' The judge pronounced this 'an old heresy, which was cast out of the church a thousand years ago, and was likewise condemned by the Council of Constance five years afer, and hath lain dead ever since, till now this rascal hath revived it.' He was condemned and sent to the pillory."