Prescription Drug Dispensing Machines on Campus |

TBC Staff - EN


There are vending machines for food, newspapers, DVDs and personal hygiene products, so it was perhaps inevitable prescription drugs would be next.

A machine made by a company called InstyMeds will start dispensing drugs in the Arizona State University's Health Services Building within a couple of weeks.

The pharmaceuticals will be available to any student or university employee who has a prescription from ASU Health Services.

The machine will fill a need for students without transportation after the school's pharmacy closed Sept. 26. Health professionals had offered to transfer students' prescriptions to other pharmacies prior to the closure.

"Serving the health-care needs of our students is still our highest priority; we believe the measures we have taken will help our students with their prescription needs," said Allan Markus, director of ASU Health Services, in a statement at the time the school's pharmacy closed.

Customers will use a voucher with identification information, officials said. The voucher is tied to a code, which is transferred over a secure connection from the prescribing doctor to the machine and is good for only 24 hours.

"This is a great solution for students who want to access their medications right after their appointment," said Christiana Moore, a health services spokeswoman.

School officials wouldn't specify what drugs will be available in the machine but said it will include the 50 medications most commonly prescribed to college students.

ASU is the second university to get an InstyMeds machine, said Bob Bang, the company's vice president of client operations. Florida State University has one.

[TBC: America has become a medicated society. Dave Hunt had long noted that there are indeed organic problems which can be treated through the use of proper medication, but several years ago in a radio broadcast, he spoke of an ancient story regarding the “god” Asclepius, who received a healing herb from the mouth of a serpent (see "Here we see the Genesis story inside out. The serpent is the good guy, and he gives us healing through drugs. Today, these psychotropic drugs are derived from synthetic chemical compounds. The Bible warned that we would be a psychological and also a medicated society. We find that an amazing prophecy. And, tragically, this is what has happened."]