Prior Claim |

TBC Staff

It is no secret that God had a prior claim on many of man’s inventions. 

Man didn’t invent the wheel. The golden wheel spider forms itself into a disk and rolls down sand dunes at 44 revolutions a second to escape its wasp predator. That speed is equivalent to the wheel rotation of a car traveling 200 miles per hour.

It was by studying how a wasp builds its nest, that a Frenchman discovered how to make paper from wood pulp.

Snails carry their own homes with them—the predecessors of mobile homes.

Octopuses and squid move along by jet propulsion.

Beavers, ants, spiders, and bees are adept as architects and engineers.

Silkworm moths made thread long before man did. Birds know how to weave their nests together, as well as to line them.

Female moths broadcast something like radio signals, and the males have receiving sets.

Solomon was right—there is nothing new under the sun!

                    William MacDonald, The Wonders of God, Gospel Folio 

                     Press, 1996, p 32.