Pro-Lifers Working Against Governor's Dangerous Leaning |

TBC Staff

As Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has proposed opening the floodgates of abortion on demand in the state, Chris Gast of Right to Life of Michigan is urging the pro-life majority legislature to vote against it."She wants Michigan to pass legislation that is very identical to what New York did -- basically completely unlimited abortions in the state, wiping away every pro-life law on the books," Gast explains.

He cites the case of a 15-year-old Florida girl who was trafficked and forced into an abortion as an example of why this sort of measure is dangerous.

"Under this bill it's perfectly okay for sex traffickers to send underage girls in through an abortion clinic the same day, no questions asked, no informed consent, no screening for coercion, and then they go back to the sex trafficker. And Gretchen Whitmer's okay with that," the pro-lifer laments.

Whitmer recently vetoed a bill that would have banned dismemberment abortions, but a petition drive is underway to force the bill into law in spite of that. Gast believes that should motivate Michigan residents to sign petitions that are currently in circulation to accomplish it. About 400,000 signatures are needed.