Pro-Marriage Talk at Christian University Countered by Alternative ‘Love Feast’ Event |

TBC Staff

[Conservative Christian speaker] Matt Walsh’s speech at Baylor University on Tuesday night drew a large crowd and transpired without disruptions despite petitions and protests that preceded it.

One potential explanation for the lack of protests despite the uproar made over his visit — with some students calling it “hate speech” — may be a competing event sponsored by a division of Baylor’s Department of Multicultural Affairs called “Love Feast.”

Laura Seay, a Baylor alumna who helped plug the event on Twitter and who had advocated against Walsh’s speech, tweeted: “Letter organizers have gotten some q’s about what Baylor folks should do Tuesday night. Our advice? Don’t give YAF & their speaker the attention they crave. Instead, attend Dia Love Feast, an alternative event celebrating the diversity that makes Baylor great.”

Another tweet added: “Want to support love & inclusion on Baylor’s campus? Show up tonight at Dia Love Feast, a great alternative to that other event happening on campus tonight.”

Prior to his speech, the event prompted petitions denouncing it that garnered thousands of signatures. They attempted to have the event cancelled and claimed Walsh’s presence on campus threatened the physical and emotional well being of students and faculty.

“This [speech] cannot be allowed to take place. Please remove this from campus events,” one petition stated. “For the benefit of all LGBTQ+ students, alumni, and future students, this harmful hate speech must be kept off of our beloved campus.”

The student organization putting on the event, Baylor Young Americans for Freedom, also reported that their flyers had been torn down, and some members even reported receiving threats via Twitter and in their classes.

Walsh’s speech, titled “The War On Reality: Why The Left Has Set Out To Redefine Life, Gender, And Marriage,” covered the attempt by the left to redefine these key pillars of American society, and why that attempt will, if successful, have disastrous consequences.

To this end, Walsh spoke primarily about three major issues—abortion, transgenderism and gay marriage. He also called out the shout down culture and encouraged dialogue and debate.