Prophet Defense |

TBC Staff

Man Says: "Some, I was shown, could receive the published visions, judging of the tree by its fruits. Others are like doubting Thomas; they cannot believe the published Testimonies, nor receive evidence through the testimony of others, but must see and have the evidence for themselves. Such must not be set aside, but long patience and brotherly love should be exercised toward them until they find their position and become established for or against. If they fight against the visions, of which they have no knowledge; if they carry their opposition so far as to oppose that in which they have had no experience, and feel annoyed when those who believe that the visions are of God speak of them in meeting and comfort themselves with the instruction given through vision, the church may know that they are not right" (Ellen G. White defending her prophetic visions against those skeptical of her claims, "Testimonies," vol. 1, p. 328). [The bottom line is: "I am right, they are wrong and the proof of their error is refusing to accept my vision."]

God Says: "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good" (1 Thessalonians:5:21).

[TBC: "Prove Me!" is a principle expoused by God throughout the Bible.]