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TBC Staff

House arrest for attack cat

Fairfield neighbors terrorized by Lewis

A ferocious feline terrorized a quiet Fairfield [Connecticut] neighborhood, to the point that residents are seeking help from the law to stop the so-called

"Terrorist of Sunset Circle."

Lewis, a 5-year-old, black-and-white longhaired cat, attacked at least a half-dozen people on the cul-de-sac and even took on the local Avon lady,

neighbors say.

"He looks like Felix the Cat and has six toes on each foot each with a long

claw," Sunset Circle resident Janet Kettman said. "They are formidable


Kettman said Lewis attacked her twice.

"I was walking along the sidewalk when he sprang at me. I never saw it

coming, but that's how it often is. He comes at you from behind, springs and wraps himself around your legs, biting and scratching," she said. "The last time I had three bites and eight scratches and I ended up at the walk-in


Kettman called the Fairfield Police Department's animal control officer.

"I don't feel the cat could kill anybody, but it could latch onto people's

legs and arms and bite and scratch to the point where they could be

hospitalized," said Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira.

Solveira also arrested the cat's owner, Ruth Cisero, of High Street, first

for failing to comply with the restraining order and then for reckless


At first, the restraining order allowed the cat limited freedom if Cisero

gave him Prozac. But the cat refused to take the drug, Cisero said. And it

got out of the house and attacked another neighbor, Maureen Bachtig,

according to police.

A tearful Cisero said the neighbors have spun the situation out of control.

"I've tried to tell them to just stay away from Lewis and he will stay away

from you; this has caused complete havoc for me," said Cisero, who has

applied to the court for accelerated rehabilitation -- for the cat.