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[Excerpts from The Boston Center for Adult Education Special Events listing]

Contacting the Other Side: An Evening with Psychic John Holland

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Join renowned psychic medium John Holland as he explains and demonstrates how his abilities enable him to open the link with loved ones who have passed onto the other side and who all too often continue to influence our lives. When loved ones die, it's quite natural to want to find out what happened to them. Are they still with us here in the material world or are they in another place? What kind of place is it? John Holland's unique gift of being able to connect with spirit has brought solace and comfort to many people all over the world.

During this enticing lecture and demonstration, John explains some of the fundamental principles of communicating with the spirit world, at all stages of its evolution. Explore mediumship using the unique approach of John Holland. John is down to earth, open, and he explains how it works at every step of the way, with lots of audience involvement.

During the evening, John will cover topics such as:

*Is the feeling of their presence real or just your imagination?

*How do you recognize and interpret the signals? *Why do loved ones choose to communicate at certain times and not others? Do they have the power to influence our physical lives?

Can we communicate with them ourselves?

Throughout his presentation, John will demonstrate his gift of mediumship, so members of the audience can experience live readings and connect through John with their loved ones on the other side.

You may purchase signed copies of John's new book "Psychic Navigator" as well as his best selling "Born Knowing" for an additional cost. Sorry, no discounts apply and no refunds or transfer credits will be issued.

[TBC: Considering that this event is presented under the guise of "Adult Education," it is well to remember Paul’s admonition about the last days and those who were "ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."]